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Myrtle Beach Demolition and Wrecking Services – Serving the Carolinas.

We offer demolition services for the following:

    1. Fire and Water damaged home demolition – North Carolina & South Carolina areas – Insurance Claims – We work with insurance companies.
    2. Demolition and removal of old homes and buildings
    3. Demolition of commercial buildings in South Carolina
    4. Demolition of mobile homes and trailers.
    5. Demolition of garages
    6. Demolition of aircraft hangers
    7. Demolition of warehouses
    8. Demolition of concrete slabs and recycling. Concrete road, aprons, sidewalks, driveways, and slabs demolished and removed.
    9. Saw cutting of concrete and asphalt. Concrete and Asphalt Demolition and removal Services.
    10. Steel Demolition and removal
    11. Stack Demolition – Brick and Concrete
    12. Demolition and removal of asphalt
    13. Demolition and removal of barns
    14. Demolition and removal of industrial buildings, stacks, and steel structures.
    15. Demolition of Commercial Buildings
    16. Demolition and removal of commercial store interiors – select interior demo
    17. Demolition of cell tower platforms.
    18. Demolition and removal of signs and light poles
    19. Demolition and removal of industrial equipment
    20. Demolition of gas station canopies
    21. Select demo performed safely to protect existing structure.
    22. Industrial Demolition and Dismantling services.
    23. Junk Removal Services – old vehicles and equipment removed.
    24. Total demolition and wrecking services

We can take care of the demolition permits as needed. We can assist you with the DHEC requirements for demolition permitting. Have you had your commercial building surveyed for lead and asbestos prior to demolition? We cover the state of South Carolina for all demolition projects.

If you need a local demolition contractor in the Myrtle Beach South Carolina area you have found us.We will happy to meet with you to discuss the details of your project. We will discuss the permits, methods, site safety, utility disconnects, dust control, recycling, schedule, and other important particulars related to the demolition project. Safety is job #1 when you hire Merolla Construction Services. OSHA trained supervisor on each project. We have 25 years of experience and will complete your project safely and efficiently.

If you have a demolition and wrecking project in the Carolinas please call us for a free estimate and consultation. We enjoy discussing the project as well as the demolition and recycling methods that we use.


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