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Commercial Demolition Contractor

We specialize in removing all types of commercial buildings:

Merolla Construction Services offers commercial building demolition.

  1. Hotel Demolition
  2. Condos
  3. Schools
  4. Commercial Buildings
  5. Metal Building Demolition
  6. Multi Family Housing
  7. Garage Demolition
  8. Retail Store Demolition
  9. Brick and block buildings
  10. Warehouses
  11. Restaurants
  12. Fire Damaged buildings
  13. Steel Platforms and towers
  14. Dismantling and selective demo
  15. Concrete and asphalt removal
    Material Handling and debris removal
    Material Handling and debris removal

    Demo of structures -  Demolition and removal services in SC
    Demo of various structures

Myrtle Beach South Carolina Demolition Services